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milk, two sugars, and pass the biscuits...

time for tiffin

put the kettle on...
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tea and tea drinking occasions
Anyone for tea?

A community to celebrate the genteel art of taking tea. A little snackerel of something dainty and refreshing, just about four o'clock in the afternoon.

A place to swap receipes and recommendations. A place for reviews of quaint little places you may of found, away from the high speed service of Starbucks, places that know the joy of clotted cream in small pots, of warm scones and buzz of gossip...a slower pace of dining.

A place for people who love delicate china, who still use leaf tea and sugar tongs, who have things that aren't shatterproof or dishwasher safe.

Tales of the history of tea, of tea taking customs and rituals around the world, and tea in literature...