sagedarkwoods (sagedarkwoods) wrote in tea_and_crumpet,

New to the com! Tea shop suggestion!

Hello teadrinkers! I stumbled across this community by accident, and I think it's lovely. I've been drinking tea since my British grandmother started feeding it to me at a very young age, and the quality of tea I imbibe has only gone up.

For any of you in the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada, I have a tea shop suggestion for you. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, besides as a customer. It's L.M. Teas in Niagara Falls. They have over one hundred different loose leaf teas, a number of which are also organic. The owner clearly loves what he does, and has a great wealth of knowledge to share with any who ask. There is an attached restaurant which specializes in breakfast. The best part is that the prices are cheaper than some other brand-name tea shops.

My favourite is the Scottish Breakfast, with a splash of milk, to wake me up in the morning. A very close second is the Margaret's Hope Darjeeling, surprisingly light in colour with a bright astringency. My time in Japan has left me with a fondness for sencha, as well.

I'm so glad this community exists!
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