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RealCycle crockery and a good deed :)

A couple of days ago a lady on my local RealCycle said that she had a few tea service bits and pieces. Sugar bowl and milk jug, a couple of cups, that sort of thing. Hoping that they'd be the Napoleon ivy pattern (of which I have one piece, the saucer in the foreground below), I arranged to collect them from her.

When I turned up this evening, she said that she had managed to dig out a few more items...


So, BHS "Country Vine": 2pt teapot, milk jug, covered sugar bowl, open sugar bowl, tureen, coffee jar, sauce boat, two cups, four saucers, four lovely oval side plates... and two egg-cups. All for the price of a bus ticket. She also gave me two other larger coffee mugs with a coarser ivy pattern, which aren't quite as nice but which might make pots for small plants.

I need to test the teapot for leaks, the egg-cups will probably be used for mustard, I'll probably keep biscuits in the coffee jar, and there are a few small cracks, but otherwise everything is lovely. I'm thrilled with it :)

A happy little thing occurred on my way to collect. I didn't know her area, and so had taken an A-Z with me. I had just got off the bus and was walking up the road, when a woman asked me where Road X was. I whipped out my A-Z and it turned out to be just two or three streets back the way I had come. She was so grateful - she'd been lost and wandering around for two hours, with no-one helping her. Poor thing. I hope that she got to her destination okay.
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