fire walk with me (suede) wrote in tea_and_crumpet,
fire walk with me

Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth.

I joined some time ago, but never posted before. As the community is quite calm lately I thought I could make a post with some photos I have on my flickr account. Hope you like them! (Sorry if they are more related to cakes and sweetness than just to tea).
There are 9 more pictures under the cut.

Cardiff June 2008

Train to Crowe September 2008

Glasgow September 2008

Edinburgh September 2008

La Roca November 2008

Manchester December 2008

Swansea December 2008

London December 2008

Brighton December 2008

Barcelona January 2009

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My mouth is watering
Everything was delicious. Well, I didnt taste the stuff in La Roca/Edinburgh pictures. But the rest was awesome.
Yum! That first ice cream treat would make a wonderful userpic!

Love the last pic too. It makes me want to run off to Paris.
I was so happy to find a patisserie selling macarons here in Barcelona. I love them!
Never tasted them before :)

Mmmmm, French Fancies... :)

The crumble and custard looks gorgeous, too.
I loved it, it was from a little Café near Spitafields market in London, they served the apple crumble with ice cream or custard, of course in December we asked for custard, it was hot and delicious :)
I love these! The first and last ones especially are so bright and inviting.