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Bugs, Bees and Butterflies

Not so very long ago, my mum and I held another tea in the garden.  The theme, as it was the height of the English Summer, was Bugs, Bees and Butterflies: a celebration of everything that creeps, crawls and flutters when one is trying to enjoy tea in the garden.  I wore a bustle with spiders printed on it, and Mum had on a stag beetle brooch...I do love a spot of dressing up.

As this summer has been pretty rain-filled we were lucky to have a blazing afternoon, so could sit out on the 'bandstand'...Sadly, several of our invited guests dropped out at the last minute, but I had the rather lovely gmul visiting from London for the weekend, and he wore his Utilikilt which mum's ladies found rather racey.  He had hearts aflutter in Cornwall, but then that could have been all the sugar in the tea!

Cake with bees!

We themed the food, with little sugar beasties, and decorated the bandstand with strings of paper butterflies and bee lights...

All very civilised and gentle.  As ever, we ate our fill and didn't need supper, and there was enough left over for me to take cakes into work the following morning, which went down well.

More pictures of the food under the cut!

Bugs in the egg & cress rolls.  The watercress sandwiches were also very good indeed!

'Snail' meringues, roquefort pastries with walnuts, spiders in the sandwiches:

Close up of the bee cake - the lemon frosting was particularly fantastic:

Chocolate muffin, with cherries in the middle, chocolate icing with gold glitter and another cherry on top:

Later that evening my sister popped by with her toddler - small children being kept away from the fine bone china - and Alex discovered the remainder of the cherry pie filling...

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it all looks so good!
You and your mum really do know how to throw a tea party. Can't wait till september!

The bees are so cute. and catapillars in the sandwiches!
just working on the invites now!

...I've forgotten what dates you're here from and till, now...
Its in the last letter I sent you, (I arrive late on the 8th and i seem to recall I'm leaving on the 16th?)

P.S. If letter writing is a struggle you can always email.x
I is being rubbish...I've put your letter in 'a safe place' and couldn't find it for putting things in diaries! Wot you going to wear - I have vague plans to make a tweed corset?
You were going to take it on the train if that helps?

I don't know. *wails in a slightly pathetic manner* Nothing fits any more dammit! At this rate I'll be wearing the same outfit as last time! i really want to my high necked blouse, and waistcoat from a pattern from my favourite one idea, but between fabric, skill and machine and wanting to the make the undies to go under it I may just have to be frumpy and half hearted again.
well, we'll have the preceeding week to make stuff in time for the party. Bring patterns with you, and I have a metric arse-ton of fabric
lol, will do...and its easier than bringing fabric with me!

Is an arse-ton bigger than a normal ton?

So very cute!

Deleted comment

MMmmm. Thank you so much for sharing!