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My china cupboard pic spam!

It's not very big. I would like more, but we move so often that I have had to restrict myself to these two very precious sets. They never get used, which is a pity, but I'm so afraid of damaging them. Perhaps I should look around for a second-best set to use...


The cupboard full. In the bottom cupboard are all our candles and candle-holders, which tend to come out more in the winter.
the china cupboard

The coffee set. I saw it in a junk shop window and saved up for weeks to buy it, it was about £20 which was a huge amount of money then - it was the early 80s and I was on about £80 a week! I'm still looking for a coffee pot to match. I hadn't realised until now just how goth it is :)
the goth coffee and cake set

The Chinese set. I inherited this from my paternal grandmother; she knew I had always admired it and one day, when I visited her, she had it packed in a box for me to take home. I found out much later that she had given things to several of us grandchildren, I assume to stop arguments after she died. My step-grandfather brought it back from his travels with the Marines - we think the nearest he got to China was Hong Kong, so I guess it came from there.
the chinese tea set

And although I've had this set for about 25 years, it was only three years ago that a friend brought his new wife to visit, and she said her mother had a set just like it, and was mine the sort with the lady in the bottom of the cup? I had no idea... so she held a cup up to the light and lo and behold, the lady!
the lady in the teacup

For everyday use, we have mugs. Lots and lots of them. We were making a proper collection once, and we had a shelf unit in the lounge that they lived on. Here they live in a kitchen cupboard, but maybe one day they'll come out again. We used to buy them as souvenirs, so they're a pretty mixed bag. Unfortunately it's a bit dark in there for photos and I'm not getting them all out... Sorry!
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