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My china cupboard pic spam!

It's not very big. I would like more, but we move so often that I have had to restrict myself to these two very precious sets. They never get used, which is a pity, but I'm so afraid of damaging them. Perhaps I should look around for a second-best set to use...


The cupboard full. In the bottom cupboard are all our candles and candle-holders, which tend to come out more in the winter.
the china cupboard

The coffee set. I saw it in a junk shop window and saved up for weeks to buy it, it was about £20 which was a huge amount of money then - it was the early 80s and I was on about £80 a week! I'm still looking for a coffee pot to match. I hadn't realised until now just how goth it is :)
the goth coffee and cake set

The Chinese set. I inherited this from my paternal grandmother; she knew I had always admired it and one day, when I visited her, she had it packed in a box for me to take home. I found out much later that she had given things to several of us grandchildren, I assume to stop arguments after she died. My step-grandfather brought it back from his travels with the Marines - we think the nearest he got to China was Hong Kong, so I guess it came from there.
the chinese tea set

And although I've had this set for about 25 years, it was only three years ago that a friend brought his new wife to visit, and she said her mother had a set just like it, and was mine the sort with the lady in the bottom of the cup? I had no idea... so she held a cup up to the light and lo and behold, the lady!
the lady in the teacup

For everyday use, we have mugs. Lots and lots of them. We were making a proper collection once, and we had a shelf unit in the lounge that they lived on. Here they live in a kitchen cupboard, but maybe one day they'll come out again. We used to buy them as souvenirs, so they're a pretty mixed bag. Unfortunately it's a bit dark in there for photos and I'm not getting them all out... Sorry!
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The technical term for the set with the geisha in the bottom is 'lithopane', and was a technique developed in the late 19thC for pressing images into fine porcelain. Dragon sets with geishas, even some nudes, was very popular as export ware in the 30s & 40s and I just love it... I've been keeping an eye out for an affordable set for ages. One day there will be one about at the right time...yours withthe pink cherry bloosom trees is just so cute!

...and yes, the orchids on black is gorgeously goth. I love the fact that you have a cake stand. Does it have a pattern name?

Thank you for the information. I just Googled - I like the monochrome dragon sets. And nude ladies - very daring!

I just looked at the bottom of a cup - it's called "orchid" (surprise!) by Palissy, England. I Googled that and got Royal Worcester (Palissy) Orchid coffee pot on e-bay, but it's white with a different orchid :(
and having just done Google Images, it does appear to be connected to Royal Worcester somehow, there's a dish that comes up twice under different titles.
oh, and you really should make use of these lovely things! The lithopane stuff is possibly more fragile, but after you saved so hard for the Orchid it seems sad it just lives in a cupboard and doesn't get to go to tea parties!
I know! I think I may have to make some matching cakes... I won't use the lithopane because it's really irreplacable due to the sentimental value as much as anything, but I did used to use the Orchid when I first got it. I think spending years in a box until we got that cupboard rather stopped me using it. But perhaps now is the time. Maybe I shall celebrate the end of exams next week. Hmmmm *thinking*
oh, and antique tatting stuff to be found here:
Hi Mrsrev,
I have a set of 5 dishes in excellent condition I f you are intereseted in buying?
Exact same pattern tel 07796 495111 cheers
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