veridianeyes (veridianeyes) wrote in tea_and_crumpet,

The case of the weary traveller and the teapot

Yesterday whilst exhausting myself walking around Whitby I was in dire need of Tea and at the suggestion of suetekh earlier in the day,me and my dearest went to Sherlocks.

How could I not be drawn to the lovely forest green exterior and the sign tempting me with tea?

The tea was at my table within moments - I'd gone for classic Twinings blend and it was nice to get a teapot bought to the table brewed to the point of being able to pour almost straight away. I was also rather impressed that there was actually brown sugar on the table and not in those horrid little paper packets.

The tea was ordered for two and the teapot held enough for 4 cups which was just what was needed.

As it was lunch time we also ordered some food rather than cakes which was really tasty and disappeared rather fast.

And who could resist such lovely decor? I forgot to get a picture of the Chesterfield sofa or the room with a piano in it!

If you find yourself in Whitby I really do recommend a visit!
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