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Egg powder disaster

I was asked to bake some cupcakes for my sister's Eurovision party last weekend, and only once I'd out the oven on and assembled my equipment did I realise we'd eaten the last of the eggs for lunch the day before (hard-boiled in salad with grilled local asparagus to be precise, which was yummy). 

Mum volunteered some egg powder which is supposedly an egg replacement suitable for use in baking.  I followed the instructions, which are to beat it with water, which gave a very dubious looking white goopy substance that certainly resembled something high in organic proteins, but necessarily what I would associate with baking.  The creamed mix, pre-addition of flour was very pale compared to the usual colour of free range organic eggs which are often very yellow.  Our own eggs, from chickens allowed to peck about outside, were always such a bright yellow they looked liked colouring had been added.

I was very skeptical of the whole thing, but ploughed on nonetheless...20 minutes later, they came out of the oven looking very sad and sunken...

D and I both tried a bit - see bottom right - and it was not at all nice.  It squashed down to a partly raw biscuity texture.  Total flop! 

Despite a growing headache, and still in my jammies we nipped up to the local Spar corner shop for proper eggs - sadly nothing free-range left - and repeated exactly the same method/ quantities, just with real eggs.

Twenty minutes later:

A bit more like it!  My pride assuaged!

Side by side:

So a life lesson there then.  Powdered egg: It looks like spoof in a cup. Give it to a sperm bank; don't try to bake with it.

The headache then turned nasty. so gave up on fiddling about with icing, (or  even getting dressed at any point in the day), collapsed on the sofa and watched zombie movies in between eating icing sugar-dusted cakes and ibuprofen...
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