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My own Valentine Tea blend...sort of

I have been drinking a tea blend that I made from two different teas from my favorite tea shop. I use their chocolate tea which is a black tea blended with cacao and mix it with their culinary rosebuds. It is wonderful. I have a strong liking for rose flavored food items and this is great. I can add as much or as little rose as I feel like. Walnut Street Tea's house chocolate tea is as good or better than Mighty Leaf and I can customize it with whatever I choose. BLISS!

All this was brought on by trying Dagoba's Lavender Blueberry chocolate bar. Which is OK, although I prefer a stronger chocolate. And I like lavender chocolate tea as well;)

What about you? Do you like floral teas? If so what is your favorite?
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Ohhh, I will try that. I do like hibiscus, had never thought of lime in it though. I do like me some pretty tea as well.

Thank you:)

Rebecca W.